Collabarative Work Placement

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Collaborative Work Placement.

I decided to do my collaborative work placement on the Ebor Scooter Club York. The club is fairly new but there was already some logo’s designed. Since I joined the club and have been talking about my interest in design, we have been discussing some possible improvements to the logos that I could do. I used the collaborative work placement project as an opportunity to change or upgrade some of the designs for the club.

Information about Ebor

Eboracum was a fort and city in Roman Britain. It shared the same site as modern York, located in North Yorkshire, England. Ebor for short. Ebor wasn’t York and the last settlement can be seen on the Minster side of the river within the corner of the Museum gardens. There stands the last part of the Ebor castle – this is depicted within our logo.
As a busy port and a provincial capital Eboracum was a cosmopolitan city with residents from throughout the Roman Empire
Our Logo represents the cross of St George as an English club but also show the roman eagle given as gift to the statesman of Ebor in the roman times. Our member’s logo shows the castle rampart fortress of Ebor pre York settlement.


The process for finding a client for this project was fairly easy as I am a member of Ebor scooter club and I am also friends with the owners and club members. Some of the members of Ebor scooter club have helped me out with college projects before where I created a ‘mod’ display for a 60’s exhibition we held on a course I did two years ago. At a few of the meetings for the club we discussed making a few changes to the existing logos. Seen as though Ebor is a new club standing out is important in this up and coming season so that Ebor can be more known with other clubs.
The club was also thinking about making some merchandise such as jackets badges and stickers.
So I offered to do a few designed for them and see if there was any they liked.
The existing logos were really plain and basic looking to me so it was fairly easy to make them look better. They didn’t want to fully redesign the logo’s just to improve them and make them look a bit smarter. There was also a small informational poster they had on the facebook group to show when meets were that I also made look a bit better.
When I started thinking about how to design the logos I looked at the existing ones and tried to come up with a few ideas. I sent messages to the owners on Ebor to find out what sort of ideas they had and they got back to me saying what they wanted to keep.
Firstly I redesigned the members badge, I kept the same style as it was before but hugely updated it. I then asked for feedback and got good feedback and some criticism on the colours which I then changed. I then sent the revised version which they were very happy with.
The next piece I designed was the club logo. It was hard to come up with designs as I already liked the design of the logo so my ideas were just to modernise the existing one and have it as the same style as the members badge (same font and design etc).
I was fairly happy with the design of my logo I made it more overall balanced and changed the font and the flag and think it looks greatly improved.
The next bit of design I did was the poster. Ebor already had a poster but it looked very cluttered and was difficult to read the information so I also redesign this. I made it postcard size so they could be printed and handed out. For this I changed the picture of the put to a more updated picture. I also used the same font as the logos but added a few text effects to make it stand off the page. I also softened the edges of the photo, rather than it just been cut and pasted on. I think overall the poster looks a lot more professional. This sort of design is my preferred style so this is the part of the project that I really enjoyed.
After I had finished all my designs I emailed them to the owners of Ebor. They printed the designs out and showed them to the members off the club at a meeting and I received very good feedback.
If there was anything I’d change I would give myself more time to find a client so I could produce a higher standard of work.

View presentation here :


Pet Rock / Stone Camera

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For this Challenge we were given two random words and we had to create as many products with these words as possible. The words were ‘Stone’ and ‘Camera’ as a class we came up with many different products such as a camera made from stone, a camera that could turn things into stone and see through stone, etc. we settled eventually on a pet rock that had a camera on it so it could interact with things. We were then to create our own.
I created mine in photoshop, I designed a poster for it as if it had just gone onto sale

Electronic Image Making – Common Photo

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Electonic Image Making – Challenge 4 – Common Photo

This challege was for every memeber of the class to take 15 to 20 images all of a common area (The common area was our desk area of college).
We were then to all organise and lay out the images in our own way so that everyone would have a different end product.
I decided to build up a collage effect. I started off with 20 images that were all at different angles, rotation, lighting, distance away etc. I then layed each photograph on top of the other buildign up an image of my desk area. It had a realy good effect as I kept the photographs completely unedited in every way, I didn’t even crop the photo’s to make it fit. I ended up with a great collage effect (almost like magazine cuttings) with all different lighting etc.

Electronic Image Making – Infographic.

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This challenge was to create an infographic of our own after looking at previous examples and deciding on a topic of our choice. I chose to create my infographic on ‘The Dubstep Scene’. I wrote some brief information on how it started, the history, the future, current scene and useful websites etc. I spent a lot of time creating the right look to my infograpic, I wanted it to have a dark and grime feel to it and to make it recognisable to dubstep fans, i used a grunge effect background and images of turntables headphones etc to make it look more effective and not just like a flat image.

Comparing this to other examples I think it fits quite well. I think it looks very professional.
Here are some other examples of infographics

As you can see they are quite clean simple layouts, I think my Dubstep infographic follows this style, but I added my own slant.

Electronic Image Making – Internet Memes

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Electronic Image Making – Challenge 2: Internet Memes

In the lesson for Internet memes we looked at some of the most popular video and image internet memes a few examples are:

Star wars kid

Leeroy Jenkins

Our challege then was to either create a meme of our own or to create a poster or a leaflet on the top memes.
I chose to create a poster on some of the most famous memes that are used on forums and image boards. The memes featured in my poster were ‘Foul Bachelor Frog’, ‘Socialy Awkward Penguin’, Pedo Bear’ and ‘O RLY Owl’ I gave some brief information on each of the memes, where were they are used and how they look etc. I wanted to keep my poster fairly brief but I do think it looks a bit text heavy. I designed the poster in the style of how the memes actually look to give the poster a familar feel. I have used some bright colours and I think the design draws attention to the viewer and the text is informational, clear and easy to read. The main target audience of a poster like this would be teenages and heavy internet users.
From the feedback I got I found that the text could be quite difficult to read, so I put a faint white background behind the text to try and make it look more clear. Due to that fact that it is an A3 size poster I do agree that the text could be difficult to read from a distance.

Electronic Image Making – Tutorial.

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Electronic Image Making – Challenge 1: Tutorial.

In the lesson for this challenge we had a look at some video’s on the internet of some video tutorials that peeople had done.

Here are some examples.

Our challenge was to create a tutorial on our own topic that would be clear and easy to use etc.
I decided that I would make a small photoshop tutorial on “How to smarten up an image.” The idea is that it would be printed as a poster for people who had very little or no photoshop skills, but wanted to enhance the look of their photo’s.
I created my poster using photoshop. I had a plain basic background and clear photo’s and text to make it as easy as possible to follow, but I also added small details in the background to give it a proffesional look.
I showed my poster to some people that had no photoshop experience and they managed to follow the instructions on their own photographs to get overall better images. They said that it was easy and clear to follow and it would make a good range of posters for classrooms etc.
This good feedback made me feel quite cofindent in my design. That it was clear enough to follow but also a professional looking design.

Filter Bubbles – Eli Pariser

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Today we looked at this video. Eli Pariser goes through the concerns of Google and other websites filtering out websites so that when you search for something it is apparently more tailored to you. He did an experiment with two different people to type the word “Egypt” then to printscreen the results, it clearly shows the results are very visibly different. Eli was saying how we have no control over our searches. Google tracks 57 different signals to change what results you get, including  the computer that is been used the browser and your location. The concern is that it will be taken too far and that it would become actually more difficult to search for things, for example if someone regularly used google to search for funny things or  unimportant things, if they then went to find an important news story it would be overly difficult to find. But also there is an oppisite argument where if people search for something it would be a lot more acceptable.

I am going to ask some people to search for the same thing on Google and put the differences in results here.